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Coatings Societies International (CSI)

CSI, established in the year 1986, principally represents the interests of organisations associated with coatings technology. However, there is an increasing close collaboration with manufacturer associations as well, especially in some countries where there is no national body that is purely focused on individual technicians.

Within CSI there are three types of members:

1. Associations of individual technical people (e.g. OCCA, SCAA and SCANZ).
2. Federations of national associations representing several countries (e.g. FATIPEC, SLF).
3. National associations covering both manufacturers and individual technicians (e.g. JSCM).

See the home page for a list of member associations and federations.

CSI members meet each year at designated member organisation’s annual conference or congress.
Refer the conference schedule on this website for further details.


CSI statutes

How CSI operates is described in its statutes. A copy of this document (pdf) can be viewed here.

CSI president (2018 - 2021)
Dr. Michael HILT MBA from FATIPEC

President, Coatings Societies International (CSI)
T: +49 (711) 970-3820
E: president@csi-coatings.org
E: info@csi-coatings.org  

Postal address:
Forschungsgesellschaft für Pigmente und Lacke e.V.
Allmandring 37, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany